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Eona: The Last Dragoneye - Alison Goodman Wow. The author really delivered in part 2 of this duology (Eon / Eona). This week I got a little bit less sleep than I normally do! The first book has more of a focus on world-building while it sets up the history of Dragoneyes and the magic art, the kingdom, land and people. It explores gender identity and self through our main character Lord Eon, who is really a sixteen-year old girl. The second book goes so much further exploring themes of love versus loyalty, power versus responsibility. The relationships are complex, and the decisions are not straight-forward. The story is compelling, adventurous, and epic. I even got a little emotional during some parts! The one thing that might turn off some readers: if it bothers you to have to read through really detailed descriptions of clothes, palaces, food, and what-not in order to get to the action, you might end up putting the first book down before you can get to the second. If you push through, it's worth it.