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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Pivot Point was a fun contemporary sci-fi read! This one was worth staying up until 2am for, and left me feeling giddy and happy. Addison comes from a place called the Compound where everyone has a specific ability of the mind, such as Mood Controller (controls emotions) or Telekinetic (moves objects with mind) or Eraser (erases memories). Addie's ability is a unique one called Divergence, which is when faced with a decision, she can see both paths into the future. When her parents get divorced she has to choose whether to go with her father and leave the Compound to live among the "Norms," or whether to stay at the Compound with her mother. As she "Searches" each path, she finds that each one brings something different. The author weaves 2 paths together very well, kind of like of the movie "Sliding Doors." And if you thought that having a power like this would make any decision easy, think again. Highly recommend this novel for anyone looking for a solid, fun read.