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Sins & Needles - Karina Halle I gotta give it a 5. Because while this book wasn't perfect, it was a whole new level of "unputdownable." It was 2:00am last night and I HAD to get to sleep. I close the book, lie in bed for a few minutes, toss, turn, sigh in defeat, and pick it up again for just "one more chapter." Rinse. Repeat.It's dark, it's suspenseful, it's raw, and it's sexy as all hell. I'm afraid to throw out the name "50 Shades" because it was everything that book was NOT. This was actually good - not the guilty pleasure kind of good, but really downright good. This was a romance with an actual plot (wow!) and an actual message (wow-wow!) It features a set of characters, Ellie and Camden, that are as broken as they come. However, it has none of that overly-done cliche misogynistic, dysfunctional stuff you see out there. Sure these kids are messed up, but you somehow don't feel that way. And that is my other reason for the 5 stars. This author has managed to create some of the best characterization I have ever seen. Like ever. Camden. That's all.