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On Every Street  - Karina Halle This novella is a must-read after Sins & Needles. It is an integral part of the story, as it gives you an insight into Ellie's past which makes her who she is today. It is about the time she shared with her first love Javier, who was a complete villain in the first book, and maybe still is. But damn,... characterization is this author's greatest talent, and I'm not sure how she makes one of the worst guys you can possibly imagine, just have layers and layers of personality. The author somehow makes a story about drug lords and con artists completely relatable to the reader. She crafts Hollywood-style action-packed craziness and boils it down to very simple human concepts that everyone can understand. Looking back at first loves sometimes makes you think how the hell was I ever with this person?! What the hell was I thinking?! Yet such defining points in your life stay with you...they always have a piece of you and hold a special place in your heart. Novellas don't normally carry this much "story" but this one did.