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Boundless - Cynthia Hand As far as paranormal romance goes, this is about as good as it gets. Although there was romance, it did not consume the story or feel like it was the only thing driving it. The platonic relationships of the story were just as strong and heart-wrenching, especially with Clara and Angela, her mother, and even supporting characters like Billy. The love triangle (as much as I hate love triangles) was well-written. Both Christian and Tucker were healthy for Clara, and there was none of that angst-ridden bad-boy thing going on that you see time after time in books like this. I did not know whom she would end up with until I was about like 90% done with this book. Both were great options, and both were worthy. It probably isn't fair of me to take off a star cuz of my disagreement on whom she ends up with, but I had to, just cuz I was rooting for the other one. Aw makes my heart hurt! Overall though, a brilliant story.